TIRUCHIRAPALLI or Trichy is a city of great antiquity and has been ruled by the Early Cholas, the Early Pandyas, Pallavas, Medieval Cholas, Later Cholas, Later Pandyas, Delhi Sultanate, Madurai Sultanate, Vijayanagar Empire, Madurai Nayaks, and the British at different times. Tiruchirapalli has a number of historical monuments, magnificent forts, churches and temples. Sri Ranganthaswamy Temple – This superb temple complex at Srirangam is situated on a beautiful island, formed by two arms of the Cauvery River. God Vishnu is worshipped in the name of “Renganathar” in a sleeping posture, which cannot be seen anywhere else. There is a flower market in this place called as “sathara veedhi” from where flowers and garlands are exported to various foreign countries. Thiruvanaikaval Sri Jambukeshwara Temple has five concentric walls and seven Gopurams, with the customary decrease in size towards the sanctum sanctorum. The oldest human-built dam, Kallanai, which was built by Karikala Cholan across the Kaveri River, is near Trichy. One famous landmark in Tiruchirapalli is the Rock Fort, a big outcrop of rock, 83 metres in height. It is the only such outcrop, of its kind. On top of the rock fort is the Ucchi Pillayar Koil, a temple dedicated to the Hindu God Vinayaka-Ganesh, from where one can enjoy a panoramic view of Tiruchirapalli. The area surrounding the rock temple is a busy commercial region, mainly known for its textiles, Burmese, Chinese and Japanese goods. It has the greatest number of Christian Churches in India some of which are the Holy Redeemer’s Church, Our Lady of Lourdes Church and The Cathedral in Melapudur.

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